Beetroot on my boilersuit? Yes please!

Armedangels has a new line, taking the dyeing process of their garments to the next level.  By using waste from agricultural and herbal industries, they are closing the loop, turning one industry's trash into the treasure of another.  And a treasure, it truly is, cause the new Dyed by Nature colours are simply stunning!


We love to see how our brands keep trying to improve their impact, and keep looking for an even more sustainable approach.  Armedangels has always been a gamechanger in the field of sustainable fashion.  Using mainly fair traded organic cotton and Lenzing™ Ecovero™, it's no wonder they couldn't stay unmoved by the dyes that are used to colour those consciously chosen fabrics.



Enter the Dyed by Nature collection. The main ingredient of the new dyes are natural waste products.  Think beetroot and palmetto, for example, waste from plant and agricultural industries. Archroma's EarthColors® delivered this new technology, that helps reduce the negative impact on water consumption, human well-being, natural resource use and climate change. In addition, with this dyeing process that upcycles waste from other industries, they contribute to a circular economy.  By making full waste recycling an integral part of the dyeing process, Armedangels is taking a big step towards their goal of being completely waste-free & circular.

The new colour palette is absolutely stunning! Colours like Natural Rose as well as the Dusty Rose variant, and Natural Indigo are so easy to combine and to mix with the rest of your wardrobe, no matter the season.  Find all the Dyed by Nature styles here.


TIP: Due to the natural dyeing process, each Dyed by Nature style is unique. The natural colors vary and can change over time. Make sure to wash your garment with the same color dye, so that they are not discolored.  Avoid the use of chemical detergents, and temperatures over 30 degrees.

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