Bonsai - the app that plants trees

Since a while, there's a new way of paying for your HOST purchases: Bonsai is the name of a recently developed payment app, that gives you the chance to have a positive impact on the planet. Simply by paying let's say your coffee.  Cool much?


The app that plants trees

For every 10 payments that you make with the app, Bonsai plants a tree.  And trees, dear people - are life: more green, less CO2 and more employment on the site where they are planted.  Now, how does that work exactly? Well, Bonsai gives 10% of their sales volume to Eden Reforestation Projects.
This organization is active in 8 different countries, like Kenia, Nepal and Madagascar, to name a few, where they already planted over 300 million trees.  That way, they increase employment for the locals, reducing extreme poverty and helping the ecosystem recover at he same time.

The impact of planting trees
By massive deforestation, war and drought, local people in the concerning countries are forced to go live in the city, where they often end up in slavery and are no longer able to provide for their family. 

By instead giving them the opportunity to plant trees, not only does Eden Reforestation give them a fair income, they also make sure the groundwater returns to the surface, which makes agriculture possible again.

What else does Bonsai offer?

Not convinced yet you need this app?  Next to being the most ecological way of mobile paying, Bonsai is super easy.  It takes about 2 minutes to install, and then you just link your bank account to Bonsai.  Ready, set, go.  And there is more: they just added the possibility of Google Pay.  Are you a customer at Belfius, Argenta, ING, Fortis, KBC or another Belgian Bank? From now on you can pay everywhere.  

If you are a (frequent) passenger of De Lijn, this might be interesting as well: you can earn back your ticket. Not financially, but ecologically. Buy your ticket in the Bonsai app to make your trip climate neutral!
Bonsai also allows you to pay back your friends, in the most easy way.

You probably got that you can pay with Bonsai at HOST ;-)  But there are already many places in the neighbourhood that use Bonsai: Somista, Sonseveria, Minimal, Frituur Den Boomgaard, Helena Kookt OverFrieterij Berchem, Kiwi's, Leman, and Café Lucien

So, since there is the likely possibility you are reading this on your phone, why not go find the Bonsai app now?  Start planting trees tomorrow :-)




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