The better kind of perfume is made in Milan!

We added a product that we've been looking for ourselves, for years: the better, greener kind of perfume, that does not smell too... green ;-)  Very happy to introduce Baron Bishop, a project of a Milanese mother and son.

We already had our own favourite skincare products, make-up and deodorant in store, we just needed perfume still, to complete our morning routine.  We were contacted by this small, Milanese brand, liked the story and when we received the testers, we fell in love!

Mary and Laszlo, mother and son, created a first collection of 5 five oil-based unisex fragrances, crafted as an homage to architectural features that represent the identity of Milan: the history (Archetype), the aesthetic appeal (Huile de Silence), the people (Sonder), the arts (Tempo Rubato) and the future (Vertical). Although for every fragrance we had a fan in our team, most of us were not too fond of the Sonder, while we LOVED all the other fragrances, so we started with those 4 in HOST.
These cute bottles make a perfect gift, and they are very easy to take with you on trips and travels, or just for little touch ups during the day!
So what do they do different? 
Baron Bishop really wants to make a difference in the fragrance industry, and become a label that is as sustainable as possible. That's why they made a number of conscious choices, on different levels.
The perfumes are oil-based,  the founders of Baron Bishop use safflower seed oil that is organically grown around the Piacenza area in Italy. It is a light oil with a non-greasy consistency and it is absorbed quickly into the skin. 
What about the unavoidable synthetics?

Their essences are composed with a mixture of natural ingredients and safe synthetic molecules. Baron Bishop's main supplier, Firmenich, is leading the safe synthetic industry through the use of white biotechnology and green chemistry. A bright and sustainable future for the fragrance world!

Alcohol free.

These perfumes do not contain alcohol (only the tiny tiny amounts that are naturally present in some of the ingredients). So perfect for those who do not tolerate this pretty irritating and dehydrating ingredient.

Very cool packaging!

For the packaging, they teamed up with other Italian entrepreneurs.  The cardboard box is made with Favini’s ‘Citrus Crush Paper’. It is composed by a mixture of orange residues (up to 15%), FSC virgin fibres and FSC certified post-consumer fibres. The paper is produced at Favini’s Rossano Veneto plant near Venice, using their very own electricity from their hydroelectric plant. Using organic residues relieves pressure on forest resources. And on top that, we think the packaging looks beautiful, a really pretty gift!

And the bottle?
The perfume caps are made with Urochem, a thermoset resin which is not derived from petroleum. This material is created from a combination of natural gas and plant cellulose (up to 30%) extracted from FSC certified forests. In comparison to a petroleum-based plastic such as PP, the production of Urochem has a lower carbon footprint (35% less), lower water consumption (82% less) and a lower level of energy consumption (93% less).  AND: all components of the bottle can be removed and disposed in the correct manner.
Last but not least: these fragrances are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!
CLICK on the picture below to find our selection on the webshop! Or better still: come smell them in store!

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