T.I.T.S Croissant Huggy Earring Gold
T.I.T.S Croissant Huggy Earring Gold
T.I.T.S Croissant Huggy Earring Gold
T.I.T.S Croissant Huggy Earring Gold

T.I.T.S Croissant Huggy Earring Gold

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Much like an actual croissant, the Gold Croissant Huggy is small but delicious. With its comfortable hinge closure, you’ll hardly ever have to take it off — and you probably won’t want to!  

  • The girls from T.I.T.S only use conflict-free metals and 925 sterling certified recycled silver for their products.
  • Sold per piece
  • Mix & match with the earring pendants, or wear just like this
  • Measurement hoop: 10mm diameter
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Made in Thailand. The factory meets the EU’s REACH regulation and is compliant with the BSCI. Sustainability is one of their core values.
  • 18k gold micron plating + e-coating applied to brass.

We understand you like to show off your precious bling all the time.. The plating will last longer if you avoid interaction with oily and chemical products and also remove the jewels while showering or swimming.

The girls from T.I.T.S about their brand:


Please allow us to properly introduce ourselves: In 2015 TITS was founded by Mathilde Kamphuis & Nathalie Zoeteweij.
“OMG TITS?!” You’ll ask whilst clutching your pearls in horror. Yes, TITS. It’s short for This Is The Shit. As our name illustrates, we aim to break sexist taboos. Think nipples, loud opinions, sexual appetite and other so- called “unladylike” things. We do so with a flirtatious wink, empowering everyone else who defies the norms, to express themselves candidly. Our physical store in Amsterdam, webshop and own brand provide a colourful wardrobe for an array of personalities.


Our design process is very personal, combining thorough reflection with unplanned intuition. Our designs don’t conform to seasonal collections so we deliver in drops. This amps up the individuality and quality of our creations but also allows us to be spontaneous whenever we’re feeling funky.


We’re focused on sourcing sustainable materials and means of production. We like to keep learning about all facets of sustainability. By doing so, we hope to inspire others, both wearers and creators, as we develop. But primarily, we want to show you how sustainability and fresh style are the coolest duo in town.


TITS values a sustainable world with sustainable products. With everything we produce we keep our impact on the environment into account. There are many aspects of sustainability, new innovations occur everyday which we try to implement in our process. All of our jewels are produced in a factory in Thailand where sustainability is one of their core values. We are only using conflict-free metals and stones and 925 sterling certified recycled silver for our products. We try to limit the use of plastic packaging, the plastic that we use is recycled plastic. The factory meets the EU’s REACH regulation (Restriction, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) which aims to restrict hazardous substances such as nickel, lead and cadmium in all parts of jewellery.

The factory we work with is compliant with the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), an initiative that enforces international labour standards protecting workers.