Starfish Deli Instant Mix - Chocolate Cake
Starfish Deli

Starfish Deli Instant Mix - Chocolate Cake

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Instant mix for 1 large vegan chocolate cake (10 to 12 people), packed with the very best Belgian callebaut cocoa.

Very easy to prepare. Add sunflower (or corn) oil to the mix, a spoonful of vinegar and your favorite plant-based milk, stir, fry, done!

The mix is ​​ideal to always have at home so that you can have a delicious chocolate cake ready at any time in no time. And also 100% plant-based.

Extra recipe: add half a jar of plant-based yoghurt or cottage cheese with a tablespoon of vanilla pudding powder and create a 'cheesecake' swirl on your chocolate batter before baking.


  • wheat, sugar, callebaut cocoa, coffee, salt, baking powder
  • (and baking powder is: wheat, stabilizer: E450, food acid, E500ii), sodium carbonate•
  • small production, may contain traces of other allergens