Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

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How cute are these little beakers?  They make a perfect, heartwarming little gift, or you can hang them in the Christmas tree as soon as the holiday season starts!

Let’s warm up!
Although the chance of ice skating becomes slimmer every year, hot chocolate remains a drink that should not be skipped during the cold winter months. That is why we have made this festive and responsible recipe. Based on dates, cocoa and cinnamon. Simply add some (vegetable) milk and your cocoa is ready. Bring on the ice age!

How to make it? (Recipe makes 4 mugs of hot chocolate):
Keep the cinnamon stick aside.
Put the dates, cocoa and half of the milk in a blender. Mix until the dates are incorporated into the milk.
Ad dit to a pan with the rest of the milk and the cinnamon stick and heat it up.
Divide the contents between 4 mugs and enjoy!

Ingredients: dates, cocoa powder (43%) and a cinnamon stick