Aveva Soft Shell Laptop 13" - Raw White

Aveva Soft Shell Laptop 13" - Raw White

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A soft, natural, and handsome case that will help protect your laptop from heat, cold and everyday bumps and scratches.

  • 13"
  • LxHxW: 32x2x23cm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Material: 100% Wool

Care info:

  • Hand wash or dry clean. To remove dirt, let it dry and gentle brush it off. Do not wash in machine or natural oils of the wool will be removed. 
  • Colors are AZO-free (no chemicals) and can they fade with strong sunlight.

About avEVA

avEVA is a Malmö based design team offering unique, long-lasting items designed to add a positive vibe to your home. Their goal is to produce with environmental and social responsibility, but also to support craftsmanship in Sweden and around the world. An important factor is the selection of materials, where natural, eco-friendly, and recycled materials are natural choices.