Very Goods Studio

It’s all good, and always will be.

Very Goods Studio is a fragrance company founded by Isil & Emre Ozbay, based out of their studio in Amsterdam. Isil’s passion for scent-making and vision for a better way of doing things led them to develop their first line of scented candles, which has now expanded to include full line of diffusers, room mists, oils, and hand sanitizers.

As a brand, The Very Good Candle Co. is on a relentless pursuit of quality, originality, and sustainability. All of the products are vegan, non-toxic and handmade by us using ethically sourced materials, in their Lab in Amsterdam.

The interests and influences that inspire all scents are wide ranging, from music, to travels, to cultural moments in time. The role of music in the lives of Isil and Emre can’t be understated - the first collection was inspired by some of their favorite music festivals that they went to.