Salt + Umber Shoes

The name Salt + Umber embodies the brands DNA and evokes thougths of natural minerals from the earth that inspire so many of their designs. 
After a decade in the mass-market footwear industry, seeing the destruction caused to mother nature and unethical supply chains, founder Susie decided to make a drastic change in her career. The “story behind every pair” program was created by salt+umber to directly give back to it's supply chain, in particularly the female Indian artisans who hand weave salt+umber shoes and handbags. The goal of this program is to provide women with economic freedom and empowerment to reduce inequality within their homes and culture.
Everything from the salt+umber collection is handcrafted. Raw materials are locally sourced in India, using LWG gold rated tanneries. Chromium free and vegetable tanned leather and recycled materials are used whenever possible. salt+umber is a waste-conscious brand, using computer-generated samples and producing small batches. In their most recent round of production, they decided to skip the box altogether, reducing not only the paper waste but creating a smaller shipping container, in turn, cutting back on the carbon footprint by about 50%.