Eau de Parfum - Cyan Nori
Eau de Parfum - Cyan Nori
Eau de Parfum - Cyan Nori
Eau de Parfum - Cyan Nori
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Eau de Parfum - Cyan Nori

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Gold Winner of Clean + Conscious Awards for Natural Perfume

A fruity and juicy scent with hints of (plant-derived) musk that opens with tangerine and peach for a salty, deep-sea dry-down.

  • 100% natural
  • ethically sourced
  • vegan
  • eau de parfum available in 2 sizes
  • parfum extrait: highly concentrated and rich in therapeutic-grade essential oil, this alcohol-free format is silky smooth on the skin. In a travel-friendly 7mL bottle, dab on pulse points for a restorative scent ritual in your day
  • therapeutic note - for joy

Ingredients: tangerine oil – Brazil *food industry by-product Aldehyde c14 – *plant derived peach note ambrettolide – *plant derived musk note hexenol cis-3 – *plant derived green tea note bergamot oil – Italy ambroxan – *plant derived ambergris note nori absolute – France base: grain alcohol (not denatured) – Italy *organic. INCI (potential allergens): citral, citronellol, limonene, linalool