Let dão be a clothing brand in which you too feel good.
As a child, as a woman, as a man. As a person, as a dreamer and as a daredevil.

Dauwke and Jan founded mundo melocotón in 2007, out of sheer pleasure to make beautiful things. Together with their 3 children, the brand grew into the cheerful universe it is today. They love to spread good vibes with colorful, conscious clothing and home accessories.
Over the years, mundo dresses and jumpsuits have hugged women's bodies in all the right places, making them both look and feel great. (Yes, even if they crawl under the table in search of their children's toys.)
A family business that loves to keep you and your family comfortable, while making a positive impact on our planet!

mundo melocotón becomes dão - 2022

“A new name that refers to a new road and to my own name Dauwke, so that the brand is even closer to me as a person and as a designer. I am ready to stand in my own strength, and the company can now also reflect that. Despite the new name and look, the style and vibe of our clothes remain the same, because they fit perfectly. :-) Though I say so myself.”