Kinta is a supplier of refined interior products, handcrafted in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. They are supplying high-quality products in a sustainable and socially responsible way for over twenty-five years.
Frans Noordhuis (founder and owner Kinta, The Hague, 1955):
"It is more than a quarter of a century ago that I decided to start producing in a durable way, based on the idea of fair trade. I am very pleased that the market for our type of products keeps growing. We are bound to see some happy faces in the countries in which we produce."

Nicoline Wrisberg (owner and product developer Kinta, Copenhagen 1961):
"First of all we want to put beautiful and authentic products on the market. Design is very important for us. But not at any price! It must appeal to everyone. We work only with local suppliers whom we pay fairly for their work and with whom we also make agreements about good working conditions."