At the origin of the brand: a student project and a human encounter

The Hindbag company was created in 2015, it is however from 2012 that the story begins. As part of his studies in business school, founder Pierre collaborated with the NGO Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI), based in Delhi, to have tote bags made for business communication needs. The objective is to allow the NGO to no longer depend on donations thanks to fixed income. SSMI then already had its textile activity where it trained women from disadvantaged neighborhoods in sewing to enable them to emancipate themselves.

When the project was finished, Pierre ensured a continued collaboration by founding Hindbag in 2015. The brand which initially only personalized textiles for companies, then developed a range of colorful organic cotton bags and fashion accessories in 2019 for the general public.

Today, Hindbag is the NGO's largest source of revenue through its corporate goodies business and ethical consumer brand. SSMI has succeeded in becoming financially independent: All profits go to work for Women Empowerment, children's education, and the fight against malnutrition.