Baron Bishop Parfums

Baron Bishop, a fragrant adventure shared by a mother, Mary Heidrich, and son, Laszlo Etro.

The Milano Collection consist of five unisex perfume oils crafted as an homage to architectural features that represent the identity of the city – the history (Archetype), the aesthetic appeal (Huile de Silence), the people (Sonder), the arts (Tempo Rubato) and the future (Vertical).

Oil-based fragrances
The Baron Bishop Safflower seed oil is organically grown around the Piacenza area in Italy. It is considered a light oil with a non-greasy consistency and it is absorbed quickly into the skin. The linoleic acid contained in Safflower oil (up to 83%) is thought to play a crucial role in helping the skin retain water.

Naturals & Synthetics

The essences are composed with a mixture of natural ingredients and safe synthetic molecules. The main supplier, Firmenich, is leading the safe synthetic industry through the use of white biotechnology and green chemistry. A bright and sustainable future for the fragrance world.