UNC Vase Torri - Quartz Pink
UNC Vase Torri - Quartz Pink
Urban Nature Culture

UNC Vase Torri - Quartz Pink

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What drives a circular economy, is adding new life to that which others have given up on. A revival of waste – transformed, reconstructed and given a second chance of being part of our homes. Meet Urban Nature Culture’s vase Torri. Enclosed in its elegant and delicate design, is the melted heart of recycled glass – the source of material to this urban vase. Available in two gorgeous shades, capulet olive and quartz pink.

  • Material: Recycled Glass
  • Size: Ø 11 * 28 CM
  • Shipping is possible, and we wrap these pieces in the best way we can. However, we can not be held responsible for damage during transport.