Savonneries Bruxelloises Prestige bar
Savonneries Bruxelloises Prestige bar
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Savonneries Bruxelloises Prestige bar

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Located in an old industrial district not far from the center of Brussels, in Laeken, the Savonneries Bruxelloises have seen successive generations of Maîtres Savonniers crafting soaps in its original building. The objective that has always prevailed is to make, in a traditional fashion, soaps of extreme finesse with the best raw materials.

This collection is enriched with perfume and Glycerin to give you a luxuriant, moisturising and fragrant bathing experience. The soaps contain no animal ingredients and our products are not tested on animals.



  • Calendula & Flowers (2 x 200 g)
  • Dead Sea Mud & Cologne (1 x 400 g)
  • Aloe Vera & Green tea (1 x 400 g)

*** on sale because of minor damage to the boxes ***