Rifo Recycled Cashmere Gloves Anita - Blue Mora
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Rifo Recycled Cashmere Gloves Anita - Blue Mora

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The recycled cashmere women's gloves Anita have a comfortable touch. They weigh only 50 gr and are composed of 95% recycled cashmere and 5% merino wool, which makes them the perfect item to protect your hands on those cold winter days.

Available in several colors.

  • one size
  • the recycled cashmere women's glove Anita are knitted by Giuseppe in his family workshop where the knitting tradition is handed down. To make the recycled cashmere it has been used a yarn recycled by the local "Cenciaioli" of Prato.
  • recycled cashmere wool is GRS certified  (Global Recycling Standard)
  • merino wool is RWS certified (Responsible Wool Standard)