Pineut Mulled Wine
Pineut Mulled Wine

Pineut Mulled Wine

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How cute are these little beakers?  They make a perfect, heartwarming little gift, or you can hang them in the Christmas tree as soon as the holiday season starts!

Mulled Wine is the winter classic par excellence. At a Christmas market in the heart of the city or on the slopes: mulled wine is a trendy heartwarmer. From now on it is possible to brew your own party. No cold winter day will be the same with your homemade mulled wine. It's up to you whether you make it with or without alcohol. Whichever variant you choose, our recipe is here for you.

How to make it?
Put the mix in a pan. Add the wine and sugar, or the apple juice.
Heat gently for 20 minutes, without boiling.
Serve. Warm yourself up.

Ingredients: freeze-dried cranberries, cinnamon, dried orange, star anise, cloves, pink pepper and cardamom