Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Butter with Baobab Oil and Frangipani

Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Butter with Baobab Oil and Frangipani

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This solid cocoa butter is handmade in France, in the region around Nice, using 100% naturally derived ingredients. Its delicate frangipani scent is also naturally derived.  Multifonctional product that really melts on your skin, this body butter bar can be used in various ways in a skincare regime.  Organic cocoa butter is moisturising without being greasy on your skin, while baobab oil regenerates your skin cells. This eco-friendly cocoa butter body bar can be used as a skin cream, a stretch mark cream or even as a massage oil. Ethically sourced franjipani fragrance provides a fresh and delicious scent. 
  • Zero waste
  • Vegan
  • Ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Easy to slip into your toiletry bag
  • Economical

This cloud-shaped facial cleanser can be used every day to gently and deeply cleanse your skin. It removes impurities and excess sebum, unclogs pores, and leaves skin clean and hydrated.