Helen B Blocnote - Charlene
Helen B Blocnote - Charlene
Helen B

Helen B Blocnote - Charlene

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Recycled paper blocnote with zen with cats illustration.

helen b: "Charlene is a true artist and likes to experiment."

  • 100 sheets
  • Dimensions: 105x148 mm
  • Materials: eco-friendly paper
  • Made in a sheltered workspace in Ghent

helen b is short for Helen Blanchaert, a joyful fortysomething from Ghent, Belgium with tons of artistic talent. Helen draws, designs and creates objects that make everyday life even more enjoyable and that perfectly fit her own universe. She is fond of travelling, good food and exploring the world with her husband Peter and their two daughters. Desert blues music and a cup of good strong coffee allow her mind to wander and to dream up new things.