Bandhu Sculp Earrings - Silver
Bandhu Sculp Earrings - Silver
Bandhu Sculp Earrings - Silver

Bandhu Sculp Earrings - Silver

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Sculptural shaped earrings, bold but elegant! Also available in gold.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Length: 4 cm / Width: 2 cm
  • Sold per pair



In the old Sanskrit language the meaning of BANDHU is friend and connection. By choosing BANDHU you will give an unique and thoughtful gift to a special person or yourself: a connection to cherish. As a designer, Viona stands for connection, craftmanship and slow fashion. Timeless and minimalistic essentials that are made to last, are made to be used and be loved. 

BANDHU jewelry has been produced of stainless steel or stainless steel with 14K gold plating. Viona chose to work with stainless steel because the strength of this material fits the clean and minimalistic designs, it keeps its shine and colour and on top it is allergy free. The plating for BANDHU jewelry is achieved by a vacuum process which is the most environmental friendly process for all plating.

Recycling service: old Bandhu items can be returned to be recycled in new jewelry